Sample type needed

Urine, swab, blood or semen

Incubation period 

Test dependent

Who is this test suitable for?


Results time 

Test dependent but generally within 4 days from when your sample is received in the lab


Most infections and disorders can be treated effectively

Where can I get tested?

All Better2Know centres


What is Andrology?

Andrology is the field of medicine that deals specifically with male health and in particular with problems of the male reproductive system. This also includes urological problems that are unique to men as well as infection of the urinary tract and the prostate. Fertility issues and sexual dysfunction are also matters that fall within this field of medicine.

If you are concerned about your male reproductive system, then it is important that you get the right information and the right Andrology Test to ensure any underlying problems are quickly identified and treated before they develop into serious problems. Infections of the urinary tract and of the prostate can be caused by E Coli, certain Yeasts including Candida as well as Mycobacteria. Other more common organisms including Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, C. Trachomatis and Neisseria Gonorrhoeae can also cause problems.

Andrology Testing is also important if you suffer from sexual dysfunction including erectile problems, libido problems or fertility issues. Better2Know can organise appropriate Andrology Testing for you to help understand why you are having problems.

It is important to remember that there are many infections and disorders that can affect the male reproductive organs. But the good news is that with the right Andrology Tests and information we will be able to help you address any issues you may have.

How do I know if I have a problem?

Sometimes it is clear that something is wrong. You may have an unusual discharge, you may suffer pain or you may have difficulty getting and maintaining an erection. It is also the case that often there is an underlying problem, but you do not have any symptoms. If you have had any potential exposure to infection, have travelled out of your home country or just want to be certain that you are well, then Better2Know can organise the right tests for you to give you the peace of mind you need.

Symptoms may include:


  • Burning or painful sensation when urinating
  • Fever
  • Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection
  • Abnormal discharge from the penis
  • Inflamed or swollen testicles
  • Discomfort around the tip of the penis.
Did you know? …

Very hot weather and not drinking enough water are proven contributors to higher rates or urinary tract infections. Try to drink 8 -10 glasses of water per day and eat less salt to help your urinary tract, bladder and kidneys to stay healthy.

How can I get Andrology problems?

Exposure to bacteria or viruses, hot weather, contact of your reproductive organs with other people, hormonal imbalances, physical injury or changes to the normal functioning of your male organs will all cause problems.

What happens if I do not get treatment?

If left untreated, Andrology problems can develop into serious issues. If the underlying causes are infection, then the bacteria or viruses can over time, start to cause long term and permanent damage. If this happens then it is possible that normal function of your male organs may be forever affected. Getting tested and treated however will ensure that you do not suffer any long-term damage. If your problems include erectile issues, then fast identification of this will help you to get treatment that should restore normal functions so that you can return to health.

How do I get tested?

Getting the Andrology tests you need with Better2Know is fast and easy. Consider the Full Screen or the Platinum Screen as comprehensive Andrology Tests to help identify infections affecting you. You could also consider the Peace of Mind Screen for a quick set of tests to ensure you are healthy. If you have other concerns, then give us a call to discuss your issues and we will be able to help advise you on what test are right for you.

Infections are easy to treat but are also very easy to pass on to a partner. Getting tested is the only way to know if you carry any infections. Book your Andrology Test with Better2Know now.