Better2Know’s private sexual health counsellors specialise in helping those who may be feeling anxious about STIs or other sexual health-related concerns.

Our private counselling service gives you:

  • Guidance and support with regards to positive STI results or sexual health issues.
  • A safe space to discuss your concerns about STIs and how they might be affecting you.
  • Advice on how to reduce the psychological strain or anxiety often associated with STI testing and sexual health complications.

Better2Know offers the choice of anonymity throughout your patient journey, should this make you feel more comfortable. Your private session will be conducted at your own pace and discretion.

Lessen the Psychological Impact of Your Sexual Health Concerns

Better2Know’s private counselling service provides support for those who may be suffering from stress, worry or confusion with regards to their sexual health or STI results. Your sexual health counsellor can help you understand your STI status or diagnosis and talk to you about the impact it may be having on your mental wellbeing.

If you are finding it difficult to cope with your STI status, or are feeling anxious whilst waiting for your results, Better2Know’s highly qualified sexual health counsellors are available five days a week for your peace of mind.

You can discuss your specific concerns and receive advice on how to move forward. Our counselling specialists can also suggest lifestyle changes that can help your sexual and mental health.

Better2Know’s STI Testing Services

Better2Know’s wide range of confidential STI screens and tests are available at private sexual health clinics throughout the Middle East. This includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Same or next day appointments are available six days a week. Your trained sexual health advisor can arrange your private appointment for a time and date that suits you.

Our private sexual health testing services in the Middle East adhere to the laws of each country we operate in. Therefore, you may be asked to provide personal identification at your discreet appointment.

If you have any concerns about your STI status, you should get tested at your earliest convenience, as untreated infections can cause future health complications if left undiagnosed.

Book Your Confidential Counselling Session

Better2Know’s expert Patient Services team are available 24/7 to process your booking. Contact them now to arrange your private counselling session using the phone number displayed at the top of the page.

Your Better2Know advisor can also answer any additional queries concerning our private counselling or STI testing services, before arranging your private appointment.

Alternatively, you can organise your confidential session via Better2Know’s online booking system. Simply select the Book Now button to begin your patient journey with us today.