Better2Know is the Middle East's largest private provider of sexual health testing services.

Established in the UK 2008, the company grew quickly and by 2012 was providing thousands of tests a year for STDs and STIs throughout the world.

All of Better2Know's STI testing services are confidential and provide fast results.

At Better2Know we provide you with quick access to sexual health testing services with the fastest results available. All our testing is done in accredited laboratories.

Better2Know can test for HIV just 10 days after any potential exposure which is one of the fastest tests available. Better2Know tests for a complete range of STIs - more than may be available elsewhere.

We use a unique PIN code system to link you to your patient record. This is used to trace your results through the laboratory and when you log in to retreive them. Better2Know will keep your testing completely confidential.

Better2Know provides a diagnostic service. It is your choice about which tests you would like to have, giving you the control over your healthcare. Doctors can advise additional test and you can choose whether or not to accept their recommendation. Should you test positive, we can help you to get a prescription or referral but it is your choice about where to go for treatment. Most STIs are treated with a simple course of antibiotics.

Better2Know is proud to work with the Terrence Higgins Trust, Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust and other HIV Charities and Support Organisations to help provide testing and referral services for people worried about HIV or newly diagnosed with the virus. This partnership ensures that there is a built-in support network for anyone who needs to access it at no further cost.

All Better2Know tests are performed in CPA accredited laboratories and are CE marked and Quality Certified. These are important considerations when considering which diagnostic tests to have.

Better2Know provides a high quality, fast and confidential service to provide worried people with the testing, information, treatment and support that they need.


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