A general health check is a necessary part of understanding your physical wellness. These general health checks include tests done to check regular body function. For example, our tests can check your cortisol, cholesterol, and vitamin D levels. By checking up on your general health, you can be sure to catch any problems early on. That way, you can adjust your lifestyle and take preventative measures to stay healthy. At Better2Know, we even have male and female-specific wellness screenings to ensure you are healthy compared to others of a similar age and gender.

For instance, if you discover you are deficient in vitamin D after a general health check, you can take supplements to get your body the nutrients it needs. However, if you did not realise you were deficient, over time, a lack of vitamin D could lead to more serious health issues.  Because of this, it is important to test early and be proactive about your health.

Better2Know General Health Checks

Why Do You Need General Health Checks?

General health checks are highly important to maintaining your general well-being. At Better2Know, our general health tests make it so you can identify any arising health issues before they become serious. For instance, a blood chemistry test can give you a comprehensive overview of your kidney and liver function and tell you about your bone profile.

Who Should Get General Health Checks?

Adults of all genders and ages should routinely get general health checks. While children should also get general health checks, these general health checks get more important as you age. This is because as you age, your body will slowly weaken, which may cause it to be more dramatically affected by your lifestyle choices.

How Often Should You Get General Health Checks?

The best way to ensure optimal health is to get routinely tested every one to three years. By getting routine general health checks, you can make sure your body is normal and everything works as it should. As you get older, you should try to make it in to get general health checks more often, as you will be more likely to develop health conditions.

Book Your General Health Checks Today!

If you have not had a general health check in a while, it is time to schedule an appointment. General health checks are essential to ensure you are as healthy as possible. You can schedule an appointment for your general health checks through our 24/7 support team by calling the number above or clicking ‘book now’ to schedule an appointment. Our support team can also help you select the best tests for you if you are unsure of what you need.