Sample type needed


Incubation period 

Test dependent

Who is this test suitable for?

Men and Women

Results time 

Test dependent but generally within 1-3 days from when your sample is received in the lab


Most infections and disorders can be treated effectively

Where can I get tested?

All Better2Know centres

What is Urology Testing?

Urology testing involves analysing your urine sample to identify either the presence of an infection or other problem or to establish the cause of any discomfort, symptoms or problems.

How do I know if I have a Urology problem?

Urology problems are quite common and affect both men and women, although women statistically have more urology issues than do men. A urology problem can take many different forms but generally you will notice a problem with your urine or with the act of urinating. Sometimes the urine will change colour to a darker than normal shade, and sometimes it will develop a strong or peculiar smell.

Other symptoms of a urology problem may include difficulty passing urine, some pain on urination, redness, swelling, or any other unusual symptom. In the event that you experience any of these, you should contact Better2Know and make an appointment at one of our urology testing clinics.

Did you know? …

The American Urological Association estimates that up to 40% of women and 12% of men will have a urinary tract infection that causes noticeable symptoms at some point in their lives.

What happens during a Urology Test?

Having a urology test is quick and easy. All you need to do is provide a simple urine sample and our lab will do the rest. We can test your urine for many different bacteria and chemicals and all these can give insight into what might be the source of any problems.

Urology testing is a good place to start if you are concerned that you might have picked up an infection from a close sexual encounter. Urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted infections can all give rise to similar symptoms of redness, pain on urination, some discharge or other discomforts.

It is also important to remember that most STIs will not cause any symptoms so even if you feel fine, but think you might have put yourself at risk, it is sensible to have a urology test to make sure.

What happens if I do not get a Urology Test?

Because symptoms often do not occur, an infection can go unnoticed for a long time. It is during this time that these urinary infections can do the most damage. In men, infections can affect the testicles and reduce sperm quality. In women, infections can lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, which can ultimately lead to infertility.

Getting a regular urology test is the best way to ensure you stay healthy and any infections or problems are detected quickly and receive the correct treatment.

Urology and urine testing clinics near you

Urology testing is easy with Better2Know. We are experts in the field and can help you decide which tests are right for you depending on your situation. All you need to do is to contact Better2Know on the number above and a friendly and highly trained member of our Patient Services team will be happy to help you.

We can make an appointment for you at Better2Know urology testing clinic and get you seen quickly. We will report all your urology test results to you and should you need any follow up or treatment, we will make these arrangements with you.