Better2Know offer an HIV DUO test that can detect an HIV infection from 28 days after exposure. This test detects antibodies to the HIV 1 and 2 strains of the virus, and also the p24 antigen. This combined testing explains why it is called a "DUO" test.

How does the HIV DUO test work?

An antigen is a foreign substance that triggers the body to create antibodies. During an HIV infection, the foreign substance is the p24 antigen released into the body by the HIV virus. This antigen will trigger the creation of antibodies that will try to fight the infection. The p24 antigen becomes detectable in the infected person's blood during the first two to three weeks after exposure. The p24 antigen is the first marker of the presence of HIV in the body.

Because of the ability to detect the p24 antigen, this test is used for diagnosing HIV much earlier in the course of an infection, as it can detect signs of an infection before any antibodies appear.

How accurate is the test?

Better2Know's HIV DUO test is a fourth generation test and is considered to be 99.8% accurate at 28 days. This accuracy increases to 99.9% at 90 days after any potential exposure.

When will I receive my results?

Your blood sample will be analysed in our accredited laboratory and you will receive the results within three days.

Is my appointment confidential?

If you choose to have an HIV test with Better2Know, we will not disclose that you have attended a test appointment to anyone without your consent. However, the laboratory where your sample is analysed will follow national regulations in the event of a positive HIV test. This may include a requirement to provide photographic ID at the time of your test.

All Better2Know screening options are flexible and you can choose which tests to include. For example, screens are available without HIV testing if you would prefer not to test for it.

Better2Know offers HIV testing around the world. If you do not want to have your HIV test in the Middle East, we can help you with other locations: including London, Dublin, Madrid and Johannesburg. The decision is always yours on where to test.