Better2Know can arrange your course or booster of Hepatitis B vaccines. At selected private clinics in the Middle East, Better2Know provides a Hepatitis B vaccination service. This will provide protection against the Hep B virus for those who are concerned about the virus. Get in touch with Better2Know's expert health advisors today for more information and to arrange your confidential booking. 

Hepatitis B Vaccination

Three doses of the Hepatitis B vaccine are required for you to be fully protected against the infection. Your second dose will be administered a month later and the third dose will be given six months after your first dose. This will protect you for five years.

If you would like to receive a faster course of vaccination against Hepatitis B, you can choose to receive the second dose one week after the first, and the third dose can be administered three weeks later. If you choose this route of Hep B vaccination, then you will need a booster after one year. This will then protect you for five years.

Better2Know’s Hepatitis B vaccine will not treat an existing Hep B infection. If you think you may have been infected with Hepatitis B, you should get tested as soon as possible at one of our private clinics in the Middle East. Otherwise, you can choose to get vaccinated against Hepatitis B to ensure you do not contract the virus.

Once you have arrived at your private appointment, you will be seen by a qualified doctor who will provide a consultation before administering the vaccine. The Hepatitis B vaccine can be injected into your arm or thigh.

The Hepatitis B Virus

The Hepatitis B virus affects the liver. Hep B is transmitted through an exchange of infected blood or bodily fluids (semen/vaginal secretions) which can occur during unprotected sexual contact. This includes oral, anal or vaginal intercourse. An Hepatitis B infected mother may also pass on the infection to her baby during pregnancy, if untreated. The Hepatitis B virus can enter your system through cuts or other openings. These circumstances may be the result of intravenous drug use, sharing personal items including razors, or contact with contaminated items such as tattoo or piercing equipment.

For short-term (acute) Hep B infections, treatment may only be necessary to relieve your symptoms whilst your body combats the virus. For Hepatitis B infections that have affected you for longer than six months (chronic), medication may be used to manage the virus and reduce the risk of liver damage. Chronic Hepatitis B can require long-term treatment and regular monitoring to check for any further liver complications.

As well as Hep B vaccinations, Better2Know also provides fast, accurate STI tests and screensBetter2Know’s confidential STI testing services are available at our private clinics throughout the Middle East. Our selection of STI screens offer confidential testing for a variety of sexually transmitted infections, including Hepatitis B. Designed with your STI related concerns in mind, your Better2Know screen will give you a thorough view of your sexual health.

Hepatitis B Symptoms

You may not always exhibit any symptoms after you have been infected with Hepatitis B. Some people may fight off the virus without realising they were even affected. If signs of a Hepatitis B infection are present, symptoms can include:

  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • General aches and pains
  • Diarrhoea
  • Jaundice
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Stomach pain

Hepatitis B symptoms can often pass within one to three months, although an Hep B infection can sometimes last for six months or more. It is important to get tested as soon as possible if you are concerned about Hepatitis B. Early detection and treatment can help prevent detrimental effects on your long-term health, resulting from an untreated Hepatitis B infection. This includes serious liver damage.

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