Better2Know’s Instant Chlamydia test is available in selected locations across the Middle East. The test is suitable for those who have achieved a minimum incubation period of 14 days. This means you should wait at least two weeks after an incident of concern before having this test.

The Chlamydia Instant test is also included in our comprehensive Instant Six Screen, Instant Peace of Mind Screen, Instant Four Screen, as well as our combined Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea Instant test.


Which samples will be used?

The Better2Know Instant Chlamydia test requires a vaginal swab for a woman and a urethral swab for a man. This is a swift and painless procedure. Once your swab sample has been collected, it is mixed with a reagent solution and added to a test cassette. There are no fasting requirements for this test.

How will I receive my results?

The test takes around 20 minutes to run and you will receive your results whilst you wait in the clinic. The doctor or nurse at your appointment will also provide you with a Rapid Test Results Report for your personal records.

What if I test positive?

Chlamydia is a curable infection and can be treated effectively with a short course of antibiotics. If your test is reactive, your Better2Know doctor will provide you with a prescription for the medication you require, at no further cost. We can also arrange a doctor’s consultation, wherever you are in the Middle East.

If you are concerned that you may have a Chlamydia infection in the throat or rectum, Better2Know can also provide oral or rectal swab testing, though these results will take a little longer. You may instead opt to show the results to your own doctor or sexual healthcare provider.

How can I book my test?

To book your Instant Chlamydia test today, or to find out more about our tests, clinics and services across the Middle East, contact our welcoming Patient Services team on the number displayed above. You can also arrange your appointment online by selecting the Book Now button.