Better2Know: Meeting your STD STI and health testing needs

When you are worried that you may have a sexually transmitted infection or disease, or if you are worried about your health, you want answers fast. Better2Know is the Middle East's largest private provider of testing for STDs STIs and other health concerns.

We provide a fast and dedicated service to test, treat and help you learn about any infection that you might have.

  • Same or next-day appointments at a location near you.
  • Home testing available with Better2Know's Everywhere service.
  • All analysis performed in accredited laboratories.
  • All tests offer fast, accurate results.
  • Secure online area to receive results.
  • Consultation with a doctor if you test positive.

We offer a flexible range of services to suit you

Large network of clinics

We have testing centres across the Middle East where you can go to have your samples taken for testing. All our testing services are confidential, accurate and fast.  We will report your results in our secure patient login area. 

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Better2Know will Come2You

Our nurses can Come2You in the Middle East. You choose the meeting place. This can be your home, your place of work, a close friend or relative’s house, or another discreet location where you feel comfortable providing samples.

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Choosing your test

With Better2Know, it is your choice which STDs or STIs to test for.  HIV testing is optional for all our screens and is also offered in other Better2Know clinics worldwide. Our medical experts have designed the right panel of tests for you.

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Our comprehensive range of screens and tests

As well as offering individual STD STI and health tests, Better2Know offers a comprehensive set of health screens, which let you test for a selected range of infections from a single blood or urine sample. A selection of our most popular screens are shown below:

Fast STI, STD and Health Test results from Better2Know

Better2Know delivers the fastest possible results for your STI, STD and health tests. We will provide you with your test results quickly and accurately. Results are available on line as soon as they come in.  We will send you an email or SMS when they are all ready.

With private testing centres across the Middle East, we will have a clinic near you. Enter your location into our Clinic Finder to find your nearest testing clinic. We offer extended hours and weekend openings at some of our centres.

Use our on-line test booking system to find your nearest clinic, select your tests, choose when and where you want to go and pay securely online.

Private Nurse Visit to a Discreet Location of Your Choice

You may prefer to get tested for STIs your own home, rather than going to one of Better2Know’s private sexual health clinics in the Middle East.

Better2Know’s Everywhere service provides confidential STI testing at an address you choose. This could be a local hotel, a close friend or family’s house, or your place of work. All we ask is that the place is safe, clean and you can wash your hands. 

The Everywhere service combines our STI tests and screens with a private visit from one of our nurses. So, you can still get tested for a variety of sexually transmitted infections including HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Herpes I/II and many more. 

Better2Know STI Testing: How it works

Testing with Better2Know is fast, convenient and easy.  We are experts in the field of STD and STI testing and can offer you other tests to help you manage your health.  We offer you the best tests, highly accurate results and skilled medical opinions. 

Simply choose which tests are best for you, and book online to confirm your appointment. Once you have ordered your tests you will receive your choice of an email or SMS confirming your tests and test location. At your appointment, our medical staff will take all necessary samples and send them to our laboratory.  

Test results will be ready in 1 to 5 days.  We will notify you when they are all available.  Simply logon with your unique Identifier and Password to access your results. If you test positive and need to speak to a doctor, just let us know, and we will arrange a consultation for you at no further cost.

How it works:

  • 1 Choose your test
  • 2 Select your clinic
  • 3 Order and pay online or by phone
  • 4 Attend your appointment
  • 5 Receive notification results are ready
  • 6 Login to get results