You may be wondering, how common are sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the Middle East? Despite cultural and religious norms, STIs and STDs remain prevalent across the Middle East. Better2Know is the largest private provider of sexual health testing. If you are worried, we can help you to get tested.


In the Middle East, the issue of HIV prevalence is ongoing, with AIDS-related deaths continuing to rise. Figures from Avert suggest that there are around 240,000 people living with HIV in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), with around 20,000 new cases recorded each year.

Data provided by UNAIDS has shown a consistent increase in people living with HIV in countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. One reason suggested for this is poor access to HIV testing and treatment in MENA.

Better2Know has private sexual health clinics in all of these countries and more, so if you are worried about HIV, please get tested. HIV is no longer the life-threatening disease it once was. With early detection and treatment, those infected can live normal, healthy lives.

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Chlamydia continues to be one of the most common STDs in the world. Rates in the Middle East are reportedly higher than expected – parallel to that found in other regions of the world, despite religious norms. There are a number of reasons suggested for this, including lower levels of testing due to the stigma associated with testing positive for an STD, particularly for women.

In addition to this, over 80% of women and 50% of men with Chlamydia experience no symptoms. This emphasises the importance of Chlamydia testing. The only way to know whether or not you have the infection is to get tested.

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How high is awareness of STDs in the Middle East?

Arab News recently published an article documenting a study on the lack of awareness for sexual health in Saudi Arabia. The focus of this investigation was to examine the awareness of STDs, including knowledge of transmission and prevention, amongst the local population of Jeddah.

The results of this study revealed that 56% of women were completely unaware of their sexual health, whilst knowledge concerning protection against STDs was 72% higher in men than women. 92% of all the people included in the study thought that education regarding STIs should be taught in schools.

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Thinking about getting tested for STDs?

Better2Know are international experts in sexual health. Designed by our medical team, our wide range of private STI screens and tests provides extensive testing for those worried about their sexual health. If you test positive for any infection, our expert Sexual Health Advisors will be able to provide guidance and support.

Sexual health legislation in the Middle East can be complex. Better2Know’s private services adhere to the laws in each country we operate in and, therefore, you may be required to provide personal identification at your confidential appointment.

If you have any doubts concerning STIs or STDs, you must get tested as soon as possible so you can receive treatment to prevent further health problems.

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