Whether it’s due to the prioritization of one’s health and fitness, there’s been an apparent shift in perspective regarding sexual activity and its benefits surrounding weight loss and muscle building…

Funny enough, while sex is traditionally an intimate act aimed at one purpose which is to conceive, it’s now being used as a means of fitness, and rightfully so! With that said, while there’s certainly merit behind sex and its many physical benefits, it should never take priority over the intimacy that comes with it.

In any case, sex is imperative to an overall healthy lifestyle… Not only does it boost our mood but it also reduces stress and acts as a means of physical activity. Because so many of us struggle with mood, stress, and weight, why not use sex as a primary intervention?!

In what follows, we’ll be diving deep into the relationship between sex and weight loss, answering the most pressing questions that surround it. With facts and fiction on both sides, we’ll also aim to clarify some of these distinctions, ultimately providing you with a better understanding of sex, its health benefits, and its primary purpose.

How Many Calories Does Sex Burn?

A corky but common question that is often inquired about regarding sex is how many calories it burns… Similar to the question of how many calories a typical weightlifting session or cardio workout burns, the answer is that it depends…

While the average caloric expenditure is about 200 calories per 30-minutes of sexual activity, there are several factors to consider before gauging an accurate estimate central to you.

Because sex is still considered a physical activity, the factors to be taken into account are similar to that of any other type of physical activity; how long is the activity? How intense is it? Are you on the top, on the bottom, or both?! How much do you and your partner weigh?!

These questions and more are required to be asked before making any kind of accurate estimate of how many calories you’re burning during sex…

Food for Thought

Finally, while sex is most certainly a physical activity, and although it can be a great way to burn calories, tone muscles, and ultimately lose weight, like any means of exercise, it’s not guaranteed.

Why?! Because weight loss isn’t that simple…

In other words, in order to lose weight, exercise isn’t always enough. Instead, you need to also ensure that you’re in a caloric deficit; This is largely accomplished through one’s dietary choices.

Luckily, sex isn’t only great at building intimate connections and burning calories… It’s also effective at suppressing your appetite! Who would have thought?!

In short, according to the Nature Reviews of Endocrinology out of Massachusetts General Hospital, sex releases a hormone known as oxytocin. While we know that oxytocin, otherwise known as the love hormone, is great at eliciting positive emotion, it’s shown through research to also reduce caloric consumption!

So, if you’re primary goal is to lose weight, a regular sex regimen can be effective. Only if, however, your dietary choices, too, are measured.

A Final Word

Remember, sex is about having fun and building an intimate connection with your partner. It’s NOT about seeing who can burn the most calories or who can work the hardest; this only takes the true joy and purpose out of sex itself.

So, while it’s certainly a physical activity, and though there are certain positions and actions that you can do that will both burn calories and be pleasurable, it is NOT a workout and it shouldn’t be treated as such.

Avoid promiscuity and don’t chase pleasure. Instead, understand its physical benefits while prioritizing intimacy. Ultimately, relax, have fun, and the results that you desire will come.

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