Better2Know is the world’s leading provider of private sexual health testing services. We offer discreet STI tests and screens in countries across the Middle East, including Kuwait. Our conveniently located facility in the capital, Kuwait City, operates at the highest international standards of quality. The clinic has same or next day availability six days a week, testing patients swiftly and efficiently for a wide range of STIs, including Syphilis.

A potentially life-threatening bacterium, Syphilis is passed on through direct contact with an infected person. It is commonly transmitted sexually via oral, anal or vaginal intercourse, or unprotected contact with a Syphilis sore. Syphilis sores, or Chancres, occur predominantly around the vagina, anus, rectum, or external genitals, signifying the Primary Stage of a Syphilis infection. Chancres are often painless and can last up to five weeks before healing by themselves. Untreated infections will progress to the Secondary Stage, when one or more areas of the skin develop a non-itching rash.

If the infection progresses, the Latent Stage will develop unbeknown to the carrier, and could potentially damage vital organs. Syphilis can be responsible for premature births, stillbirths, and miscarriages, as well as causing irreversible health problems, or even death, in up to 40% of babies born to mothers with an untreated infection.

What are my Syphilis testing options?

With Better2Know, you can receive Syphilis testing as early as nine days after potential exposure to infection. Our individual Syphilis test requires a single blood sample, providing results within three working days of the sample’s arrival at our accredited laboratory. Syphilis testing is also included in our respective Gold Screen, Silver Screen, Platinum Screen, Peace of Mind Screen, Full Screen and Early Platinum Screen; all of which are designed and reviewed regularly by a panel of medical specialists.

Despite the country’s international status, Kuwait’s sexual health legislation has its complexities. Our tests and screens are conducted in conjunction with national testing guidelines and, as per Kuwaiti regulations, personal identification may be required at your appointment.

Should you test positive for Syphilis following a private test or screen with Better2Know, we will conduct further, confirmatory testing at no additional charge to yourself. With a network of skilled doctors situated throughout the Middle East, we can also arrange a confidential telephone or face-to-face consultation in Kuwait. If necessary, you will be referred to a specialist service. For more information on what to do in the event of a positive result – as well as the availability of our tests and screens in Kuwait – please visit our website.

How can I book an appointment?

If you are concerned about Syphilis, or any other sexually transmitted infection, the most important thing is that you keep yourself and your partner safe by getting tested. To arrange your appointment in Kuwait City, call Better2Know today on the number above. Our experienced Patient Services team will answer your questions and process your booking. Alternatively, should you wish to book your test or screen online, you can do so by selecting the Book Now button at the top of the page.

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