Better2Know provides conclusive, confidential Syphilis testing at private clinics across the Middle East, including Oman. Transmitted sexually via oral, anal or vaginal intercourse, or through unprotected contact with a Syphilis sore, the infection can be life-threatening if left untreated.

Syphilis is a potentially life-threatening bacterium, passed on through direct contact with an infected person. It is commonly transmitted sexually via oral, anal or vaginal intercourse, or through unprotected contact with a Syphilis sore, also known as a Chancre.

Chancres mark the Primary Stage of a Syphilis infection. Sores occur predominantly on the external genitals, vagina, anus or rectum, and are usually firm and round in appearance. Often painless, the Chancre will last one to five weeks before healing by itself. If left untreated, the infection will progress to the Secondary Stage, which begins when one or more areas of the skin develop a non-itching rash.

Such rashes can form on the palms of the hands and the bottom of the feet, resembling rough, ‘copper penny’ spots in appearance. The rash – which ordinarily heals on its own – can remain for up to six weeks and can also manifest as scales, blotches, white patches, pox-like eruptions, or small, sunken dark circles.

If the infection progresses, the Latent Stage will develop unbeknown to the carrier, potentially damaging vital organs. Syphilis can be responsible for miscarriages, premature births and stillbirths, as well as causing irreversible health problems, or even death, in as many as 40% of all live babies born to women with an untreated infection.

Syphilis Testing with Better2Know

With Better2Know, you can be tested for Syphilis as early as nine days after any potential exposure. Our individual Syphilis test uses a single blood sample, providing results within three working days of the sample’s arrival at our central, fully certified laboratory.

Alternatively, Syphilis testing is included in many of our screens including the Silver Screen, Platinum Screen, Peace of Mind Screen, Gold Screen, Full Screen and Early Platinum Screen. All our comprehensive sexual health screens are designed and reviewed by a panel of medical specialists to give you the peace of mind you need.

You can access your test or screen results at any time by logging into your secure patient area on our website. Furthermore, once all your results are available, Better2Know will contact you via a method of your preference. This could be by email, SMS, or telephone call. It’s entirely up to you.

Our clinic in Muscat, on Oman’s northeast coast, is open six days a week for same or next-day appointments. For your convenience, our phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To book your test in Oman, call Better2Know today on the number above. Our welcoming Patient Services team will answer your questions and process your booking. You can also arrange your appointment online by selecting the Book Now button at the top of the page.

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